NuYu Plant Milks

About Us

Welcome to NuYu!

We are an Australian range of premium long-life vegan friendly plant-milks boasting flavour, versatility and sustainability. Proudly made in South Australia, the range consists of five delicious variants – Almond, Oat, Macadamia, Cashew and Pistachio.

We are stoked to tell you that the Almonds, Oats and Macadamias used in our milks are 100% Australian! With the whole range supporting a minimum of 90% Australian ingredients.

Coffee? We got you. Baking? We got you. Drinking? We got you. Any occasions for plant-milk? We got you. We would love to see your creations – so be sure to show us! #welcometoanuyu.

NuYu plant-milks are a simple, safe and tasty way for you and your family to enjoy a healthy new life every day.