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What's really in your plant-based milk?

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Do you really know what’s in your plant-based milk?

So, you’ve already made the switch to a plant-based milk alternative. Good for you. You’re on the right path. Having said this, we’ve gotta be honest. They’re not all created equal. 

If you’ve been sipping on some oat, pistachio, almond, cashew or mac milk, you’d probably have noticed by now there are a few different things that creep onto their labels across all brands on the shelf. In fact, these subtle statements (unsweetened, original, barista blend as well as different flavours) can say a lot about a product. First and foremost- how much sneaky sugar may have slipped its way into your cup.

Back in the early days of plant-based milks, you tended to find those that were great in a smoothie or over your cereal quite literally could not take the heat. The naturally low fat and sugar content, as well as the low boiling temperature, meant that heating and frothing these milks would lead them to split and curdle. Not a great look… or taste.

There were also plenty of naysayers the plant-based world couldn’t win over because they didn’t taste enough like the dairy counterpart; again, due in part to the naturally occurring sugars in dairy milk. So large scale companies did what they often do best… added in a bunch of stuff.

Now you commonly see ‘original’, ‘unsweetened’ or ‘barista blend’ on the labels. Sadly, ‘original’ means that sugar has probably been added. Cane sugar is commonly added to things like almond milk to make the palate more similar to dairy milk. Unfortunately, the same can be said for many of the barista blends. The milks need that sugar content to work under the heat required to make you a brilliant coffee.

So, when the barista asks if you want sugar in that, and you gawk at the audacity as you’re a purest, sadly, you’re probably getting around a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee anyway. Sorry folks.

What you should really be looking for is a product that says both ‘unsweetened’ AND ‘barista blend’. And that friends, is where we step in. HEYYYY *inserts flamboyant wave*.

We’ve worked out a formula that keeps the quality and consistency of your plant-based milk UP while keeping that sugar DOWN. Compared to many other barista blends on the market, we stand at least ¼ of the sugar content, if not more. With no added sugar, just that natural stuff from our ingredients, Coz we’re clever like that.

Does this mean the flavour profile of NuYu milks are slightly different to their sweeter market companions? Absolutely. Does that bother us? Absolutely not. And we’re pretty sure it won’t bother you either. We’re damn delicious, without adding in heaps of extras. Natural is beautiful, babes.

Full disclosure: if you enjoy an oat milk (and don’t we all?) there is a slightly higher sugar content than some of our other options. Why? Because oats are heavy in carbohydrates, equating to naturally more sugar. It still comes in at less than dairy though, don’t you stress.

So next time your friendly barista says, ‘do you take sugar in that’ you can say ‘No thanks mate, so I’d really prefer you used NuYu’. And then tell them to give us a call. We’ll happily be at your service.

This has been your NuYu public service announcement. Now go forth and froth, friends.